Gtunes Music Downloader Pro Apk v6.0.1 For Android 2018

Welcome to the official website of GTunes Music downloader, we are the developer of this amazing song downloading the application. Currently, GTunes Music downloader pro apk is available for Android only, we are working on the iPhone as well.

Music is something that everybody loves. Music helps us through our tough times or even helps us add more fun in our happy moments. One song is all you need to change your mood that’s what I personally think. I really believe music is something that connects us together.

Like me, I know most of the people have a habit of putting on earphones and listening to the songs from their mobile whenever they are traveling somewhere or going to work or just want to relax. for listening to music many of the people rely on some kind of apps which are mostly paid or charge the user on a subscription basis for listening to songs and most of the people even pay for such apps simply because they have no idea that they can get their music to their phones and listen to it for free!

Gtunes Music Downloader pro Apk
Gtunes Music Downloader pro Apk

YUP! you read that right now you can easily stream music without any issues on your phone with the help of internet without facing any of the issues and no I am not talking about using YouTube to play your music. this Gtunes Apk is something which every music lover wanted from the very beginning.

Gtunes Music Downloader Apk v8.01 For Android 2018

What is Gtunes Music Downloader For Android?

Gtunes Music downloader is one of the best apps out there in the market which acts as a music provider for all of its users and the best part about this app is that it is completely free, So all you need to use this app is just a simple installation process, Installation and then just use this app to listen to the music whenever you want. I will discuss each of the things I just mentioned here in this article in detail so don’t worry about it just continue reading the article.

If you are looking for a search engine which is specifically made for music, If you are looking for something which will help you to find your favorite music instantly, or you ever needed a Youtube-like service designed specifically for music and all of that for free if any of these questions rang some bell in your head and you just nodded Yes then my friend you have come to the right place. Gtunes Music downloader is one of the best apps which will provide you with all genres of music, you can easily listen to them online or you can even simply download the songs on your phone and just listen to them later on. Just a heads up that you cant actually stream the whole song in this app You can only play some preview of the song so that once you know what you like you can easily download the songs and even save directly to your SD card without any hassle.

Now that you know what is Gtunes Music downloader and what it does let’s get into the main stuff. if you are sure that this is the app that you want then you can just read the instructions for installation procedure and install this app on your phone and if you are looking for something more than that then don’t worry at the end of the article I have also mentioned some of the alternatives to this Gtunes Music downloader app which you can definitely check out. So without wasting much of your time lets get started

How to Download Gtunes Apk & Install On Android?

I want you all to follow the below instructions clearly so that you can easily install Gtunes music downloader apk on your phone

1. Let me make this clear now that Gtunes Music Downloader is a third party app so you won’t be able to find this app on your Google play store, So all you need to do is just open the following URL on your mobile and click on the download button in green color, If you are on PC you can easily download the file on your machine and later on with the help of data cable you can transfer it to your phone

Download Gtunes Music Downloader .APK

2. Now once you have downloaded GTunes Music downloader APK file you can’t install it directly, because it is a third party app so you might get some error like installation blocked etc.  So to avoid that you must go to your phone’s settings and under application settings or security settings, you will find an option which says “Allow installations from third-party apps” or something like that, Make sure that checkbox in front of that option is checked.

Enable Unknown Source
Enable Unknown Source

3. Now go to your file manager where you have saved the apk file of the Gtunes Music downloader and simply click on it to begin the installation.

Install Gtunes Music Downloader
Install Gtunes Music Downloader

4. Make sure you provide all the necessary permissions to this app and wait for the installation to complete.

5. Once everything is done correctly the app will be easily installed.

Gtunes Music Downloader Installed
Gtunes Music Downloader Installed

Gtunes Music Downloader For Android Features

Following are some of the main features of the Gtunes Music downloader which makes this app completely unique from others

Gtunes Music Downloader UI
Gtunes Music Downloader UI
  • Easy to use interface which allows you to search for your favorite songs
  • You can easily download the songs without any issues
  • Before downloading you can even listen to the preview so that you can make sure you are downloading exactly what you want
  • There is also an inbuilt music player to play the songs
  • There is also a Music editor which allows you to change the album info of the song or you can even cut the song to make it into a ringtone
  • Multiple search engines A, B, C and D which you can choose to search your songs
  • Now that most of the people would have no trouble in using this app, But even if you face any troubles you can easily check out the alternatives of the Gtunes Music downloader which are also very useful and handy for every music enthusiast.

Gtunes Music Downloader Alternative Apps

I just want to tell you that some of these alternatives may not be free to use. So make sure that you are choosing the app which is most appropriate for you.

1. Music Maniac.

2. Simple MP3 Downloader

3. Spotify

4. Google Play music.

5. Radiant Player

6. 4Shared Music

7. Sound Cloud

the above-mentioned alternatives also work great on your Android device the only issue with some of them is that to take advantage of them fully you will need to pay nominal charges.



GTunes Music downloader is one of the best ways to search for and download your music. It also has multiple search engines inbuilt so if you are not finding any songs then you can manually change the search engine and search again. If you are not sure that this is the song that you have listened to you can easily play the preview from the app and then only download it from your phone.

The only issue is if you are low on mobile storage and you don’t want to download the song on your phone, you won’t be able to completely stream music online with gtunes music downloader pro apk so you will need any of the alternatives apps because Gtunes Music Downloader only provides you with Preview of the song.